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Former post-docs

  • Cooper Galvin (-2021) - Co-Founder/CEO, Peregrine Biosense
  • Fan Tu (-2021) - Scientist, Loxo Oncology at Lilly
  • Kevin Drew (-2020) - Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, University of Illinois Chicago (lab web page)
  • Anna Mallam (-2019) - Patent Agent, Baker Botts, LLP; Patent Agent, Seed IP Law Group
  • Aashiq Kachroo (-2017) - Associate Professor, Centre for Applied Synthetic Biology, Concordia University, Montréal (lab web page)
  • John Houser (-2017) - Senior Data Scientist, Mosaic Data Science; Senior Data Scientist, Procore Technologies
  • Sohyun Hwang (-2015) - Associate Professor, Cha University, Bundang, Korea
  • Matthew Davis (-2015) - IBM Research Staff Member & Principal Investigator, Cognitive Computing Cambridge Research Center, Cambridge, Mass; Head of AI, Invitae Corporation, San Francisco/Boston; Chief Product and Technology Officer, GeneDx
  • Cuihong Wan (-2015) - Professor, College of Life Sciences, Central China Normal University
  • Taejoon Kwon (-2015) - Associate Professor, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Korea (lab web page)
  • Yungki Park (-2014) - Associate Professor, Hunter James Kelly Research Institute, SUNY - Buffalo, New York (lab web page)
  • Zhihua Li (-2014) - Principal Protein Engineer, Juvena Therapeutics, Palo Alto, California
  • Christine Vogel (-2010) - Associate Professor, Department of Biology, New York University (lab web page)
  • Stephanie A. Craig (2009-2010) - Senior Field Applications Scientist, Illumina, Inc., San Diego, USA; Illumina, Inc., Toronto, Canada
  • Tae Joo Park (-2009) - Miller Postdoctoral research associate, Univ. California, Berkeley (Harland lab); Associate Professor, UNIST, Korea (lab web page)
  • Wan Kyu Kim (-2009) - Professor, Ewha Women's University, Korea & CEO, KaiPharm
  • Insuk Lee (-2008) - Professor/Associate Dean, Yonsei University, Korea (lab web page)

Former research scientists

Former graduate students

  • Caitie McCafferty (-2023) - Postdoctoral research associate, Engel lab, Biozentrum, Basel, Switzerland
  • Meghana Palukuri (-2022) - Applied Scientist, Amazon
  • Momo Sae-Lee (-2022) - Postdoctoral research associate, Calico Life Sciences, San Francisco
  • Brendan Floyd (-2022) - Postdoctoral research associate, Stanford University, Bertozzi lab
  • Eric Verbeke (-2021) - Postdoctoral research associate, Princeton University
  • Riddhiman Garge (-2021) - Postdoctoral research associate, University of Washington, Seattle, Starita/Shendure labs
  • Claire McWhite (-2020) - Lewis-Sigler Scholar, Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics, Princeton University; Assistant Professor, University of Arizona
  • Alexander Boulgakov (-2019) - Postdoctoral research associate, University of Washington (Shendure lab); Bioinformatics Scientist, Ansa Biotechnologies
  • Azat Akhmetov (-2019) - Data engineer, Deserve, San Francisco; Senior Data Engineer, Whip Media
  • Jon Laurent (-2017) - Postdoctoral research associate, New York University Langone Medical Center (Boeke lab); Director/VP of R&D, Pandemic Response Lab, New York
  • Gabriel Wu (-2017) - Senior Scientist, Bristol-Myers Squibb, San Francisco
  • Blake Borgeson (-2016) - Co-founder/Chief Technical Officer, Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Salt Lake City, Utah; General advisor, Machine Intelligence Research Institute, Berkeley, California
  • Jonathan Young (-2016) - Postdoctoral research associate, University of Texas (Eberlin lab); MD student, Texas Tech School of Medicine; Resident Doctor, Brigham and Women's Hospital
  • Andrew Horton (-2016) - Postdoctoral research associate, University of Texas (Georgiou lab); Houston Methodist Hospital
  • Al Zhao (-2016) - Postdoctoral research associate, New York University (Vogel lab); Scientific Associate, Chameleon Communications International, New York; Senior Medical Writer, Vaniam Group
  • Hye Ji Cha (-2014) - Postdoctoral research associate, Harvard Medical School (Orkin lab); Instructor in Pediatrics, Boston Children's Hospital; Assistant Professor, Dankook University, Korea
  • Juno Woods (-2013) - Director, SciRuby Project; Senior Development Engineer, Intuitive Machines; Co-Founder, Cislune & Consulting GN&C Engineer, Masten Space Systems
  • Jeremy O'Connell (-2013) - Postdoctoral research associate, Harvard University (Bomblies lab & Gygi lab); Co-founder/CSO, Juvena Therapeutics, Inc.
  • Martin Blom (2007-2012) - Postdoctoral research associate, Department of Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden; Developer, Silobreaker Ltd, Sweden; Research Engineer, Electronic Arts; Senior Research Engineer, Embark Studios AB
  • Peggy Wang (2007-2012) - Bioinformatics Specialist, Department of Molecular Biology, Simches Research Center, Massachusetts General Hospital; Communications Manager, National Cancer Institute
  • Mark Tsechansky (-2010) - Postdoctoral research associate, University of Cambridge (Vendruscolo lab); Lecturer, University of Texas
  • G. Traver Hart (2004-2010) - Postdoctoral research associate, The Scripps Translational Sciences Institute; Univ. of Toronto (Boone/Moffat labs); Assistant Professor, MD Anderson
  • Kris McGary (-2009) - Postdoctoral research associate, Vanderbilt University (Rokas lab); Consultant, Genetic Networks, LLC; Director of Computational Biology, Genetic Networks, Miami, Florida; Head of Computational Biology, Alden Scientific
  • Rammohan Narayanswamy (Ram Swamy;-2009) - Postdoctoral research associate, Yale University School of Medicine
  • Wei Niu (-2008) - Postdoctoral research associate, Yale University (Snyder Lab); Associate Research Scientist, Yale Child Study Center; Research Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology, University of Michigan Medical School
  • John Prince - Postdoctoral research associate, University of Colorado (Ahn lab); Assistant Professor, Brigham Young University; Senior Software Engineer, Doba LLC, Orem, UT; Senior Data Science Engineer, 3PL Central, American Fork, Utah
  • Emily Moradi (-2008)
  • Mark Carlson - Postdoctoral research associate, Tufts University; Scientist, Organogenesis, Inc., Canton, Massachusetts; Manager, Momenta Pharmaceuticals; Portfolio & Alliance Management, C4 Therapeutics, Inc.; Director Project Management, Nimbus Therapeutics
  • Dannialle Clayton
  • Shailesh Date - Postdoctoral research associate, University of Pennsylvania; Scientist and group leader, Genentech; Senior Scientist, Global Viral; CEO, Laboratory for Research in Complex Systems, San Francisco
  • Peng Lu - Associate director of clinical pharmacology, Roche South San Francisco/Genentech; Medical Director, AbbVie; Senior Medical Director, Shire; Vice-President, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company; Chief Medical Officer, Pharvaris B.V.
  • Aleksey Nakorchevsky - Postdoctoral research associate, Scripps Institute (Yates lab); Data analyst, Sequenom; Senior Manager Bioinformatics, Agena Bioscience
  • Arun Ramani - Senior research associate, University of Toronto Banting and Best Institute (Fraser lab); Bioinformatics team leader, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto; Interim Scientific Director, Centre for Computational Medicine, Hospital for Sick Children
  • Rong Wang - Postdoctoral research associate, National Institutes of Health (Berg lab); Staff scientist, US Food and Drug Administration
  • Justin Zinn - Data Analyst, Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, Florida

Former undergraduate students (lots still missing!)

  • Alex Adai - PhD student, UCSF; Manager, Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, and Senior Scientist, Computational Biology, Asuragen, Inc.; Senior Director, Bioinformatics, Roche Sequencing; Senior Principal Data Scientist, Genentech; Executive Director, Computational Biology, Sana Biotech
  • Martin Begleiter - Software Engineer, Tunstall Healthcare (UK)
  • Sofia Beskid - Ph.D. student, Stanford University
  • Eric (Andy) Cardona - PhD student, University of Texas at Austin
  • Mingyu Chung - PhD student, Stanford University School of Medicine (Meyer lab); Postdoc, Stanford University (Rando lab)
  • Sophie Curie - MD/MBA student, Texas A&M University
  • Matthew Davis - Graduate student, University of California, Berkeley (Eisen lab)
  • Nícolas Gort Freitas - Inaugural Class Student, Minerva Schools, PhD student, Harvard Medical School
  • Brie Fuqua - NSF Graduate Research Fellow, University of California, Berkeley; Research Officer, Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Australia; Postdoctoral Associate (UFL) and Visiting Assistant Project Scientist (UCLA)
  • Ankit Garg - MD & PhD student, UT Southwestern Medical School (Olson lab); Resident, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania; Cardiology Fellow, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Kevin Hannay - PhD student, University of Michigan; Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Schreiner University
  • Kenny Hughes - Medical student, UT Health Science Center at San Antonio
  • Anastasiya Kulikova - PhD student, University of Texas
  • Janie Life - Speech Language Pathologist, Richardson ISD, Dallas
  • Tyler C. Mcdonald - MD, UT Southwestern Medical School; Resident, University of Mississippi Medical Center
  • Jennifer Mirrielees - MD student, University of Wisconsin-Madison; Resident Physician, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, Emergency Medicine
  • Ridhi S. Patil - mRNA Process Development Co-Op, Moderna
  • Ariel Elise Royall - PhD student, University of Oregon; Research scientist, Integrated DNA Technologies; Senior Scientist , 10X Genomics; Senior Development Scientist, Freenome
  • Emily Binet Royall - Master of City Planning student, Department of Urban Studies & Planning, MIT; Open Data Curator & Policy Analyst, Massachusetts Office of Information Technology; Smart City Administrator, City of San Antonio
  • Bharat Sajnani - Graduate student, University of Texas; MBA, Harvard Business School; M&A and Investments, Square
  • Malyn Selinidis - PhD student, Rice University
  • Madelyn Szilagyi-Jones - BS student, Case Western Reserve University; Research technician, Baylor College of Medicine; PhD Student, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • Matthew Tien - Graduate student, University of Chicago; Postdoctoral research associate, MIT (w/ Gene Wei Li); Assistant Professor, Whitman College
  • Shannon McDonald Wieland - Medical student, Harvard Medical School; PhD student, MIT Computer Sciences and Artificial Intelligence Labs; Resident, University Hospital, Madison, Wisconsin

Former technicians

  • Alex Scouras - Graduate student, University of Washington (Daggett lab); Postdoctoral research associate, University of California, Berkeley (Alber Lab); Data scientist, Sauce Labs, San, Francisco; Data Unicorn at Reciprocity, Inc; Head of Customer Success, CompilerWorks
  • Colin Chu

Former high school student

  • Bichen Wang - Software Engineer, Twitter
  • Marguerite West-Driga - B.S., University of Texas at Austin; Software Engineering Intern, FlightAware; Software Developer, uShip; Software Engineer, CoStar Group